Bring back the...Men's Shed


A men's shed can be involved in a range of diverse activities such as manufacturing, construction, wholesale and retail trades, professions, transport and storage, finance, property, business services, community services, recreational, personal and other activities.

Men's sheds are not unlike a small business, but with the added complexity of the dealing with inexperience in a range of business principles, health and well being of the members and working with the disadvantaged in a community. The men's shed's operations are usually locally based, although its markets and suppliers might not be, adding additional burdens on inexperienced people.

It can seem like an impossible task for many of the people involved if they are to build something worthwhile for the members and the community and to make the activities of the men's shed sustainable. In saying that ordinary people can do extraordinary things given the right support.

Sometimes a men's shed need a little push to get going


Need for Business Management Skills

Skills for men's shed leaders and managers encompass a range of subjects including, planning, management, marketing, personnel, operations, financial management along with communication, technology and computer skills. The importance of having this diversity of expertise is often not recognised in the men's shed industry. It is sometimes wrongly perceived that the basic craftsmanship skills are sufficient in order to run a successful men's shed.

Furthermore, the diversity of men's sheds means that their needs in relation to skills development vary greatly, depending on factors such as their size, activities being undertaken, and their degree of involvement with men's health and well being.  In relation to skills training, the needs of certain groups can be divided into the following segments:

  1. Those intending to start a men's shed
  2. Those starting a men's sheds from scratch
  3. Those starting a men's sheds by taking over an existing business
  4. Those running an existing and stable men's sheds
  5. Those running a well established and expanding men's sheds
  6. Those who have a men's shed in decline, or in trouble

In supporting and consulting to men's sheds it is important to keep in mind the following:  

To counter these issues, that are all too common, Lake Hume Mens Shed uses a simple process.

  1. Contact is made
  2. Discussion about the issue and outcomes required
  3. Negotiation on how best to handle the issue
  4. Implementation of decisions
  5. Evaluation of the outcomes