Bring back the...Men's Shed

Economic Gardening

We believe that profitable, efficient and innovative small, medium sized business enterprises can lead the way to a new and dynamic local economy that protects and restores the environment. Economic Gardening does this while producing growth, employment opportunities and prosperity for the citizens of the community.

Many communities have traditionally focused their economic development efforts by hunting for new businesses and structural development, but economic gardening is about growing existing businesses and nurturing local entrepreneurs, may be a better strategy for success.

A men's shed can be a good example of Economic Gardening at work, where men have a real chance to benefit from nurturing some of the projects and activities involved. The principles of Economic Gardening are:

  1. Better businesses mean more jobs, more money for everyone to do things.
  2. Better community organisations mean that things will get done.
  3. Better communities mean improving health and better lifestyle.

Economic Gardening is a philosophy of using an entrepreneurial approach to community development. It is an approach that helps local businesses and organisations grow by providing them with customised support, market data and analysis which opens the door to new opportunities and growth. 


Rebuilding a Tourist Attraction on the Murray River


The practice of Economic Gardening offers clear benefits

  • Activities provide health and financial benefits to a men's shed and community
  • The activities can more quickly lead the men's shed to sustainability
  • There are clear social and economic benefits to the community
  • It provides a nurturing environment to develop entrepreneurial spirit
  • It promotes opportunities for young people

How to improve the stability and growth of businesses in a community

  • Identifying and work with entrepreneurs
  • Stimulating the retention and expansion of existing businesses
  • Improvements in market research and marketing performance
  • Incubation of new business opportunities and jobs
  • Providing support for the implementation of ideas and opportunities
  • Supporting people's adjustments to the new global market place
  • Skills enhancement and improvement in business practices
  • Increasing collaboration and team work within the business community
  • Implementing of strategies for sustainable growth and profit
  • Introduction of appropriate leading edge technology