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Help Desk

Imagine the value of being able to find out about any aspect of your men's shed, your community, your members and your customers that could help you improve performance, and gain further practical insights and solutions into the issues faced by the men and their families. Also to have the ability to analyse what is happening more quickly and at your fingertips, and at a price that is affordable.

The Lake Hume Mens Shed Help Desk facilitates success, and members can expect to have access to many proactive people to meet their needs and to have their issues properly logged and case managed.

The Help Desk is part of the infrastructure that provides economical support to individual men's sheds, using electronic means (Internet, telephone, email) and assists in the implementation and use of Lake Hume Mens Shed's products and services.

Ask the Helpdesk to assist you in identifying activities for the men's shed

The Help Desk is available 24 hours, 7 days a week to support members; a problem shared, is a problem halved. The Helpdesk will enable you to improve your effectiveness, efficiency and outcomes, when supporting members of your men's shed.

Lake Hume Mens Shed will assist you in so many ways, as you start and develop you men's shed towards sustainability. Through the Helpdesk we address problems, manage member issues and the huge volume of information required to service the diverse range of men's sheds and men's shed activities.

The Helpdesk can also provide you with case and issue management and psychological support when it is required. This is a men's shed's access to on-demand information and knowledge, support for projects, support for managing special campaigns or events and access to current research, innovation and thinking.

Some of the common issues addressed by the Helpdesk, from beginners to experienced operators: