Bring back the...Men's Shed

The Lake Hume Mens Shed Network

The basis of a our network includes; economies of scale, growing complementary activity, scope for reduction of costs, improved marketing, improved member services, knowledge management, operations and production management, logistics/distribution, technology sharing, innovation, human resources, research capability, product development, purchasing, finance and sharing of experiences, management skills, in fact involving every aspect need to run such a large support organisation for the men's sheds.

Networking in Kalgoorlie WA

Some key networking outcomes for men's sheds include:

  • Network members share information
  • Faster growth of the concept, with improved capacity to get things done
  • Improved cost structures, benefiting all men's sheds
  • Improved capability to meet changing conditions
  • Feelings of belonging for men's shed members
  • Increased capacity to keep pace with information and knowledge
  • More opportunities with more resources become available to members
  • Reduction of personal pressure as many hands make light work
  • Ability to reach the market, including local, national and international
  • Benefiting from the technology resources of Lake Hume Mens Shed

Perhaps the best thing about the Lake Hume Mens Shed Network is that everyone feels comfortable discussing their issues. Members get the benefits of a large group, but retain their independence and autonomy.

Shake Hands with the Future


No one is judged; men are pleased to be part of such a positive Network.