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Resource Centre

The Menshed Australia's Resource Centre, coupled with the Website, Help Desk and Network act as a vital support infrastructure for all men's sheds. The Resource Centre has three main thrusts:

Integration of a range of products and services required by and being demanded by men's sheds with the infrastructure to make them available anywhere, any time, where ever there is a need and in a user-friendly manner.

Collaboration between individual men's sheds their management and members, community partners, suppliers and other contacts in order to get the job done effectively. It means working with the right people with the right skill base, in the right place and at the right time.

Implementation  by creating and maintaining a practical 'action research' orientated environment in which to work, and address the issue of men's sheds, by having people with the right skills and appropriate resources in order to support the men's shed more effectively.

What the Resource Centre Provides

Audio / Visual Learning Modules

The Resource Centre provides members with a suite of modules covering the various aspects of starting, running and growing a men's shed. These modules provide you with a unique, enjoyable and effective learning experience.

The modules cover most of the questions you have and will be asked about when starting and running a valuable and sustainable community men's shed.

Should you have any difficulty in understanding any of the information or concepts discussed in the modules, please give the Lake Hume Mens Shed Helpdesk a call. The Helpdesk is also there to support you on any issue to do with men's sheds starting from finding a suitable shed.

The modules can be projected onto a screen in the men's shed for the members to discuss and learn from. They can also be printed out and used as a manual

Keep in mind that you have access to this information 24 hours a day seven days a week, 365 days a year from wherever you are in the world.

The modules are arranged under the following headings.  

Lake Hume Mens Shed's extensive resources and experience covers every aspect of operating a men's shed, working with communities, running a business or improving the health and well being of the men and their communities.

Note: All the learning modules are continuously updated as new ideas and information comes to hand. The infrastructure of Lake Hume Mens Shed enables more people to access more, anywhere, anytime.