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Lake Hume Mens Shed Ltd. is a not-for-profit Australian Public Company, Limited by Guarantee, dedicated as the premier organisation for supporting and resourcing men's sheds across Australia.

Lake Hume Mens Shed is a registered Health Promotion Charity.

Problems with men's health, isolation, loneliness and depression are looming as major health issues for men. Men's sheds can play a significant and practical role in addressing these and other men's issues. Men's sheds can help connect men with their communities and mainstream society and at the same time act as a catalyst in stimulating their community's economic activities.

The Door Nearly Fell Off

Ok, so yesterday our garage door broke, not the one to the shed but the one to the garage we use attached to the house next door. The rail that goes to the motor came off and is hanging by the hinges which then made the chain rub on the motor unit. The nice guys from Dynasty do garage door repairs and were out in a jiffy to fix it up. Fixed up at a reasonable cost and works just like new again thanks Dynasty Garage Doors.


What the Shed Has Been Working on Lately

After our successful kitchen and shelving renovation over the last few months, we decided to back it up with a renovation of our bathroom.

Again, with the help of our master craftsman Dale, we've set about creating a bathroom that is part of the Men's Shed

First we marked out a corner of the shed to locate the bathroom. We framed it all up using some 3/4" wood kindly donated by S&L Salvage and Demolition. A lot of good space-saving plans can be borrowed from "tiny house" plans. We found these were hands down the easiest and most compact designs you can find anywhere - since they do have to fit into a "tiny house". We ended up getting a starting hand from a professional custom bathroom renovations company and they were very insightful on what bathroom design to choose for the best layout for our shed.

We did at one point think about making a mini-shed outhouse like this:

Or even some cool shed inspired designs like this:

Image from here: Check them out, they have some cool rustic designs

Some Custom Rustic Storage Additions

A neat little project we've had on lately was installing storage for the mens shed. We needed a variety of different types of storage and the guys all pitched in to engineer the best solutions for each.

We had three types of storage we needed;

  • Shelving
  • Cupboards
  • and some cabinets for our kitchen and mess area.

With space somewhat of a premium, Dale decided for the storage space that building up was the best bet. This way we could stack things up almost to the roof of the shed.

Wood was more manouverable for the high shelves than metal shelving and built correctly would still provide enough strength to support what we needed to store.

Next was some cupboards and some of Brett's custom kitchen cabinets to store some of our smaller items (and John's giant Tea mug!).

The guys also built these from timber and used some corrugated iron off cuts, left over from building the shed, to finish off with a rustic look.

Custom cabinets

John and his tea mug!

All in all, they are functional and I think they look tremendous. Not a bad days work with nothing but a few 2x4's, a drill, measuring tape and some corrugated iron.

Fixing Up the Grass Outside of the Shed

We've decided to install artificial turf as a fantastic cost-effective and eco-friendly solution to surround our sheds. We no longer need to worry about watering the grass or how a harsh summer will effect us. Saving water reduces our costs and is great for the environment as well. Our synthetic turf was provided by Artificial Turf Direct who have high-quality products that have the same aesthetic as natural grass so you don't have to worry about it looking fake. After installation, our artificial grass has stayed green all-year round.

One of the biggest benefits of going to artificial grass for us was the low maintenance required. Our busy time is not taken up with gardening or paying for lawn mowing services. Weeding or fertilising are no longer problems we must spend time or effort on either.

An artists impression of what artificial turf would look like:

We aren't able to tell the difference between artificial and natural grass aside from the imperfections of natural grass. Synthetic turf provides a smooth surface making it safer than natural grass for the outdoor activities we host. After it rains natural grass can be dangerous to run on because of mud, however, that is not a problem with artificial grass for us.

What real grass around a shed would look like:

Artificial turf has been able to vastly improve the look of our sheds no matter how they look inside. Sometimes we even want to spend more time outside! Whether they've been industrial sheds, agricultural sheds to Equestrian sheds or any style, we think there's an aesthetic and practical benefit to installing artificial turf to improve the look of your shed.

Before grass and the shed is looking pretty bare:


Are any of the following true for you?

  • Looking for funding to expand your Menshed;
  • Your members are unhappy and membership...

Lake Hume Mens Shed Helping Establish Two New Lake Hume Mens Sheds

We are in the process of helping to establish two men's sheds which will be funded by the Russell Family Trust.

A big thank you to Dale for organising our polished concrete floor from Designer Floors.

concrete floor preparation

Concrete preparation outside the Men's Shed.

cleaning polished concrete floor

Concrete preparation inside the Men's Shed.

outside concrete table

An outdoor concrete table for the Men's Shed.

Roof painting the Men's Shed

Any shed, anywhere.

Our mens sheds are generously supplied and installed by AUSPAN sheds Perth. Their integrated design, fabrication and site installation mean we choose a shed to suit our site and they deliver exactly what we envision. They also build industrial sheds, equine, government and agricultural structural steel frame sheds so be sure to check them out.

The guys from Haz-ed came down with their fall prevention equipment for working at heights safely to affix and clean the roof.

Just another day at the Menshed

Terry McCowan is a proud man; his men's shed is up and running! It's only a few short weeks since...