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About Us

Lake Hume Mens Shed is incorporated as a not-for-profit Australian Public Company. (82329291086)  It was established to quickly and efficiently address the needs of starting, running and growing men's sheds across Australia.

Lake Hume Mens Shed is a uniquely Australian organisation specialising in the needs of men, their health and well being, their men's sheds and their communities.


All we need is a few good men

The purpose of Lake Hume Mens Shed is to create an innovative approach to men's sheds development and help build sustainable men's sheds that are valuable assets for the communities they serve.

Lake Hume Mens Shed role is to support the people who make things happen and to encourage broad-thinking and innovation, Together we seek to serve communities by providing an infrastructure for starting, running and growing men's sheds and providing resources for facilitation, management and implementation of projects that will meet the men's and community's aspirations.

The Lake Hume Mens Shed Website, Help Desk, Resource Centre and Networks bring together know-how, people, marketing, information, knowledge, research, planning, finance, tools and processes and other services. The sharing of opportunities and practical experiences provides men's sheds and communities with new insight into their performance, growth and development.

By leveraging and cross fertilisation of the different skills of various men's sheds and communities we make a significant difference to their success, without sacrificing their autonomy, or flexibility. Lake Hume Mens Shed assists in connecting men and their communities with mainstream activities.

The marshalling of assistance and resources to resolve issues and implement projects, ideas and opportunities is accomplished by leveraging the attributes of experienced people, interested in men's issues and their communities.

Lake Hume Mens Shed is able to support the establishment and operation of men's sheds in other countries. This is addressed through the Internet, Partnerships and Alliances in other countries with people interested in the men's shed concept and its development.


Lake Hume Mens Shed's Vision:

 Every community in Australia will have a men's shed.


Our Mission is: 


In Pursuing our Vision, We Commit to the Following Values:

What is the best thing about Lake Hume Mens Shed?

It's beyond what you can buy!