Bring back the...Men's Shed

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Overall people are becoming pleasantly surprised with the outcomes and the substantial differences the Lake Hume Mens Shed's focus can make to men's health, well being and community lifestyles.

The days of just throwing a 'few old blokes, or sick blokes, or unemployed blokes', or 'young blokes' and a few tools into a small shed and hope it will work, now seem to be disappearing, being replaced with social enterprises with more substance and capacity.

If there was a shift in our approach to establishing men's sheds, it was a shift towards continued strengthening of the concept that starts with a place for men to meet, where activities are added so the men can have fun and do practical and meaningful things that will help meet the wants and needs of the men and the their community. This is the main reason every men's shed needs to be different.

Passing on skills restoring an old truck


Every men's shed needs an income in order to become sustainable. While governments will fund infrastructure costs they are not willing to fund operational expenses. They quickly suffer from 'funder fatigue'.

Of course we should not overlook the fact that there are many retired men who would welcome the opportunity to make a little extra money to supplement their pensions.

The establishment of a men's sheds can be a strategy to accelerate: