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Health Facts

Australian men are more likely to have serious health problems than Australian women. The poor health status of men may be caused by men's attitude to their masculinity and how they express it. Social factors, like unemployment and the ignorance of male health issues, also play a part. Men's health is of national importance and requires more attention by governments at all levels and more campaigns to lift Australia's general awareness.


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There is a huge growth in psychology and mental health services in Australia and the support organisations are usually operated by women who deal mainly with women. It is only when a mans health reaches crisis point that they seek help, consequently the treatment is expensive long term and very traumatic for families; and can in some circumstances cause a breakdown of the family unit.

What are the reasons for these dramatic differences? One is that men typically take more risks than women. They're more likely to work in hazardous occupations, which helps explain why 93% of deaths at work happen to men.

Sometimes taking risks can be a good thing; where would we be without people willing to do risky jobs such as fire-fighting? Too often, men take unnecessary risks, which cause harm to themselves and others. For example; when they are driving a vehicle.


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Another reason is that men generally don't care for their health as well as women do. They're more likely to smoke or to drink too much alcohol, eat a less healthy diet compared to women, such as eat less fruit and more fat. Men are also more likely to ignore health problems only consulting a doctor when pushed to do so.


Older men need to be mobilised - Dungog VIC

How do we improve men's health? A good place to start is in families. Women have traditionally looked after the health of their partners and sons, encouraging them to take care of themselves, and probably always will. But now it's time for men to take action themselves, not only for their own sake, but for the sake of their children. Fathers who set a good example with a healthy lifestyle, and safe behaviour in areas such as driving, drinking and sport are more likely to raise healthier sons.

Some men think caring for health isn't "masculine". But the truth is that men, who eat healthy food, exercise regularly and get prompt treatment for health problems have a better chance of staying strong and active than men who don't.

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