Bring back the...Men's Shed

National Men's Health Policy

Men's sheds should be promulgated as a legitimate primary health care strategy for men's health in the consultation process for the national Men's Health Policy being developed by the Federal government.

If men's sheds are to become integral to primary health care service delivery for men, they must be supported and sustainable. The latter requires appropriate support structures embedded in a policy framework of local or central networks operating at the state or national level.

Co-ordinated support, including financial support from local health services and State or Commonwealth Governments as part of a comprehensive national men's health policy is also warranted. Issues of guidance regarding establishment, growth, consolidation, incorporation and sustainability of sheds in their different forms should be an integral part of this process.


The Royal Flying Doctors Base in Cairns Qld


Communal men's sheds have been shown to be an ideal vehicle for improving social and emotional wellbeing in men, as well as a suitable setting for providing primary health care, including conducting health promotion activities. Men's sheds offer a special opportunity to reach men who are otherwise unlikely to be involved in more formal active learning programs or men's health promotion programs.

Men's sheds offer governments and health services an avenue to facilitate delivery of primary health care services to and for men. This is especially true for men in rural and remote communities and Indigenous men.

The Australia Government's decision to develop a National Men's Health Policy recognises that men have specific health needs and challenges.