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A Men' Shed at Work in a Community

  • Can help men to become interested in other men's interests
  • A men's shed offers a non-threatening environment for men to be involved
  • There is a renewed spirit of cooperation amongst the people involved
  • Opportunities to become involved in the community quickly emerge
  • Knowledge and experience is freely shared and retained in the community
  • Through caring and sharing, greater results are achieved for men and the community
  • Men work in collaborative groups to deliver services and outcomes
  • Mentoring and coaching activities prevail
  • Everyone becomes more responsive to changing conditions
  • The activities revolve around core skills available
  • Working with available resources for community needs gets men involved with their community
  • A men's shed can provide for easier and earlier identification of health problems with men
  • It is another means of identifying community opportunities
  • A men's shed can impact on employment and is can be useful for business incubation.
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Men Need to Regain Lost Support

Family units are disintegrating. We see fathers, mothers, grandparents, in-laws, uncles, cousins, all too busy elsewhere or, they have passed on. Some people will say men don't need assistance, emotionally, physically or socially, which is far from reality.

Many older men need someone they can share thoughts and experiences with, as their traditional support has all but disappeared, particularly if they are no longer linked to work networks.

Many young men need someone to understand and show them how to do what they want to do, help them work through their emotional issues and learn some new life skills.

It all starts with contacting your local men's shed. Contact Lake Hume Mens Shed if you are having difficulty.

Men can become involved with their local men's shed in the following ways:


1. Become a Member of Your Local Men's Shed

We suggest that a member of a men's shed pays a small joining fee (usually $50-$100) and annual membership fee (usually $30 -$50), plus giving an hour per week voluntary men's shed service.

Members are then entitled to use the facilities and equipment associated with the shed to further their own interests and enjoy the other benefits of belonging to a shed. These fees are used to defray the costs associated with consumables like tea and coffee in the men's shed.

2. Become a Mate, or Friend of Your Local Men's Shed

There are many people, who visit men's sheds that would like to help in some way. We would like you to join your local men's shed as a mate, or friend, by making an annual contribution of say $100 (Mates Rates) to the operation and expansion of the local men's shed activities.

There are also many individuals and companies who may also be able to contribute in other ways such as supply of equipment or raw materials that are surplus to their requirements that could be a significant help in maintaining of a low cost structure.

Still other people may be able to offer their services in contribute to the education of the men's shed members or contributing to the relief of men's health issues. Just by visiting the shed and giving some time to help a Member or two will make a big difference.

Still others may wish to become involved with the growth of their local men's shed by becoming involved with the local men's shed Board of Directors.

3. Help Start or Sponsor a Men's Shed in Your Community

We welcome enquiries from organisations and people wishing to help start a men's shed in their community.

Everything starts with a dream or an idea. A sponsor can contribute resources in both cash and kind and Lake Hume Mens Shed can help do the rest.

Help to involve the young people in your community


Corporate or Business Partners

Corporations, or businesses who would be interested in becoming Sponsors or Partners of a local men's shed or of Lake Hume Mens Shed will find it a rewarding experience.

For more information review our Presentations under the Start heading, or

Email: or Telephone: +61 (03) 9740 6667