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Men's Shed's in Pictures (16.23 minutes)

This module will give you a quick pictorial overview of men's sheds from across Australia. Keep in mind that each men's shed will take on its own identity as it meets the needs of its own members and their community.

Indigenous Men's Sheds in Pictures (18.16 Minutes)

This module will give you a quick pictorial overview of Indigenous men's sheds being developed across Australia. As with other men's sheds each one is taking on its own identity as it meets the needs of its men and their community.

Men's Health (10.14 minutes)

A men’s shed can be used to focus on the vast health problems faced by the men in our community. Improvements in men’s health should be one of the key outcomes of a men’s shed.

What is a Men's Shed (10.15 minutes)

Detail is given here about what a men’s shed is and how it works in bringing men together in a community and more information about the key reasons for being.

The Role of Lake Hume Mens Shed (19.58 minutes)

Lake Hume Mens Shed is the organisation that provides the infrastructure (Website, Helpdesk, Resource Centre and Network for the benefit of the many local men’s sheds across Australia.This module will give you some insight into what Lake Hume Mens Shed does in supporting individual men’s sheds in a meaningful way.

Existing Men’s Sheds (8.47 minutes)

For those of you that have already started a men’s shed, this module will give you an outline of how Lake Hume Mens Shed can assist with the many issues you have to deal with.
An Innovative Approach in Men's Sheds (10.16 minutes)
The Armidale Men's Shed is an inspiring men's shed with business, men's health and well being, all working together to develop a sustainable asset for their community.

If you are interested in becoming involved in starting a men's shed, need some help with your existing men's shed, or just require further details:

Email: or Telephone: +61 (03) 9740 6667